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[Orgmode] Bugs and suggestions for Org 4.70

From: Bastien
Subject: [Orgmode] Bugs and suggestions for Org 4.70
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 22:10:06 +0200
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Hi Carsten and all,

here is a bug report for Org 4.70 + cvs GNU Emacs (, followed by a
couple of suggestions.

Bugs :

- Comment syntax: M-; still complains that no comment syntax is defined.

- *Bold* words at the beginning of lines are considered headlines when

- If a list item contains a number that find itself at the beginning of a
  line (within this list item), this number will be considered as a start
  for another ordered-list item when exporting.  For example :

  - « Topicalisation et focalisation dans les phrases françaises en SI »,
    Focus and Background in Romance Languages, Vienne, 23-27 Septembre
    2007.  (abstract joint)

  ... here "2007" will start a new ordered-list item. 

- Org-mode can't use brackets within a link's label.

  For example: [[http://www.org-fever.org][[org fever]]] - the last "]"
  following "fever" won't be part of the link.  I confess brackets inside
  labels are somewhat exotic and might acutally be confusing, but.. well.

Suggestions :

- I often attach a location to scheduled/deadlined events.  Why not using
  LOCATION in addition to SCHEDULED or DEADLINE ?  This would also end up
  in a new "LOCATION:" entry in the .ics export.  Maybe default locations
  could be defined in some #+LOCATIONS: ?

- TODO keywords could be stripped out from the iCal export - or at least
  this bit of information could be optional ?

- It would be nice if we had some feedback in the modeline telling us what
  project / headline is currently clocked in -- suggestion stolen from the
  planner mailing list...

- Publishing a narrowed buffer should re-order levels of headlines.  For
  example, if the buffer is narrowed to a third-level headline, then this
  headline should be considered as a first-level headline when exporting
  (and the fourth as a second-level headline, and so on...)

- Taking (cadr (current-time-zone)) as the exported timezone in .ics format
  is not always accurate since the car of (current-time-zone) is relevant
  to the definition of the local timezone.

  For example, here in France : (current-time-zone) is (7200 "CEST"), which
  means GMT+2 -- not GMT.  I've found there is timezone.el out there, maybe
  a good resource ?

- Instead of telling us that this is not an ordered list, C-c C-c on
  unordered list items could cycle through these states :

  - ...
  - [ ] ...
  - [X] ...

  ... but maybe the C-c C-c is already *very* busy !

- Org-timeline might be aware of several files ? -- the default files being
  org-agenda-files.  But maybe combination of org-agenda / org-agenda-ndays
  is enough ?

Here it is.  Sorry for the length ... i'm afraid this is a side-effect of
org-mode itself ;)

Best regards,


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