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[Orgmode] publish archives

From: François Lagarde
Subject: [Orgmode] publish archives
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 22:26:44 +0200
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I meet troubles to publish org archives files. I am certainly wrong but can't
see my mistake..

My archives files are located into a archive directory.

In my org-publish-project-alist I created the following inputs:
       ("org" ... )
       ("archive" :base-directory "~/documents/org/archive/"
                     :base-extension "orgarchive"
                     :with-section-numbers t
                     :archived-trees t
                     :headline-levels t
                     :publishing-directory "~/public_html/org/archive"
                     :table-of-contents t)

I can publish my org project, but none of my archive file. I thought that one of
the reason was the extension (previously org_archive), but I renamed the
archives and changed the base-extension without success...

any helps is welcome.

François Lagarde

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