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[Orgmode] Outlining facilities

From: Yang
Subject: [Orgmode] Outlining facilities
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 13:27:05 -0400

Hi, after searching for a long time for a simple bulleted outline
editor, I finally found what I was looking for in org-mode's support
for plain lists (thank you!). However, I had some questions to which I
couldn't find answers in the documentation.

How do you configure the indentation amount? When I hit M-<right>, the
list only gets bumped by a single space. Better yet, the indentation
amount would be auto-determined based on the width of the current
bullet type + the indentation between it and the text.

Is it possible to have Emacs/org-mode automatically re-wrap paragraphs
as I edit them? Auto-wrapping only seems to happen when I'm entering
text and the cursor hits the wrap margin; it doesn't happen when I'm
inserting/removing text in the middle of a line. However, I'm not sure
if this is a limitation of Emacs in general (I'd love to know how to
enable such auto-wrapping for general paragraph text). I realize I can
hit M-q, but it would be best if I needn't!

How might I customize the keys? (Sorry, I'm new to Emacs customization
- I'm not sure if this is not an org-mode question.) I'd love to have:

<tab> = M-<right>
S-<tab> = M-<left>
<ret> = M-<ret>

Thanks in advance!

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