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[Orgmode] Makefile fix?

From: Miguel A. Figueroa-Villanueva
Subject: [Orgmode] Makefile fix?
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2007 14:21:50 -0400

Hello Everyone,

First of all thanks for creating such a great tool!! Kudos Dominik!!

Now, I updated orgmode and had minor problems with the installation.
The problem was because I use XEmacs so it requires the noutline.el
installed. Since I edited the following entries:

# Where local software is found

# Where local lisp files go.
lispdir = $(prefix)/share/emacs

when I type 'make install-noutline' it installs it in $(lispdir),
which is what I wanted (i.e., not in the standard lisp directory). The
$(lispdir) is of course added to the load-path in my init.el, but for
the remaining compilation of org.el it won't know to look for
noutline.el in there.

Now, since we need noutline.el to compile org.el for XEmacs and we
just installed it in $(lispdir), shouldn't the following line:

BATCH=$(EMACS) -batch -q

read like this instead:

BATCH=$(EMACS) -batch -q -l $(lispdir)/noutline

That is where my problem was and by making the change above it was
fixed. Notice that if $(lispdir) is set to the standard lisp directory
then the problem won't arise.

Well, I hope that this helps in case others encounter the same problem.

Thanks again,

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