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[Orgmode] Re: Manage and display personal milestones

From: Alex Rudyk
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Manage and display personal milestones
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 11:16:06 -0800

Hi Bastien,

I have milestone as part of my org-todo-keywords sequence variable.

My org system is more close to Stephen Covey 3rd habit approach, so I am using week planning, week and master goals setting. And now I am tring to create some mechanism that give me highlevel view of my life planning. So I have created a roadmap.org file where I wrote my one-three months plan of my life.

In this file I have MILESTONE headlines as major events of my plans for different focus area. What I like to have
is the list of neareset milestones sorted by date. For example

Managemnt:    MILESTONE: Bla bla bla bla
                      Deadline: <12/23/07>
Study:             MILESTONE: Bla bla bla bla
                     Deadline: <12/31/07>
Study:             MILESTONE: la la la la :)
                     Deadline: <01/10/08>

Now I am thinking that your idea to use tags for marking milestone is more convinient.
But using properties for this might be a more complecated that tags.

So the main questions is how to get agenda list similar above (with tags approach to mark milestone headlines) ???


"Bastien" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
Hi Alex,

"Alex Rudyk" <address@hidden> writes:

I am tiring to use milestones in my orgmode system. This is the major
events in my personal activities workflow, similar to software projects

I added MILESTONE into org-todo-keywords variable and it works great.
Also I am using deadlines to schedule milestone date. The main problem
is how to display millstones in agenda buffer sorted by deadline and
display deadline date near milestone text.

I'm not sure to understand how you use the keyword MILESTONE.  Can you
be a bit more specific, maybe give an example of your Org file and the
expected agenda view?

I can think of three ways of implementing something like milestones:
TODO keywords, tags and properties.  Did you already try to use tags
and/or properties?

For me, a milestone would be an ordinary task with an additionnal bit of
information, and I would put this piece of information in a property.
For example:

| * TODO Release 1.2
|   DEADLINE: <2007-12-15 sam>
|   :Milestone: Unicorn
|   :END:
| * TODO Fix bug #322

Also its interesting is anybody using milestones or similar concept
with orgmode, if yes how you implement them, and what is your workflow
to manage them?

I would also be interested in this.   Did you make any progress on this
since you last posted your question?


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