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[Orgmode] New variable request: org-archive-todo-only

From: Wanrong Lin
Subject: [Orgmode] New variable request: org-archive-todo-only
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 14:24:03 -0500
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In my org file I have a mix of "actionable" items (TODO items) and informative items (notes, references and etc). Normally I only archive TODO items when they are done, and don't archive informative items (since most of them have some long-term value). So, can we add a new variable to "org-archive-todo-only" to control the behavior of following functions:

1. org-archive-subtree
1) when org-archive-todo-only is nil, behave as it does now, with a little bit modification: - if the current heading is a TODO item and org-archive-mark-done is nil, check whether it is in a "DONE" state. If not, prompt for user confirmation. 2) when org-archive-todo-only is t, if the current heading is a TODO item, behaves the same as 1). if the current heading is NOT a TODO item, prompt for user confirmation.

2. org-archive-all-done
    1) when org-archive-todo-only is nil, behaves as it does now
2) when org-archive-todo-only is t, only checks the headings that are a TODO item.

Without the change to those functions, I have to be very careful not archiving something I don't want to.

I put in an advice by myself to change the org-archive-subtree behavior as above, but I can not do it with function org-archive-all-done. And I also think this may be an improvement that makes sense for many people, hence the proposal/request.

Thanks a lot for comments and consideration of the above.


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