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[Orgmode] Re: Organize Your Life In Plain Text!

From: Bernt Hansen
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Organize Your Life In Plain Text!
Date: Thu, 07 May 2009 18:32:14 -0400
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cc-ing the org-mode mailing list

Memnon Anon <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi!
> I have one question:
> ,----
> | Use the agenda view for STARTED tasks to find stuff in progress and
> | things to clock. I clock everything - some tasks are always in a STARTED
> | state (Like Organization, Email News and IRC, etc)
> `----
> Doesn't it defeat the purpose to a certain degree to keep tasks
> 'started' all the time? I intend to increase my personal logging, 
> but I think I will keep some tasks like 'mail+news' without any
> todo state. Maybe an extra state -'undefined' or 'rep' or something like
> this- for this kind would be clever? 
> What do you think?


I used to have a special keyword ONGOING for things that I do a lot and
want to clock but never really start/end.  I had a special agenda view
for ONGOING tasks that I would pull up to easily find the thing I want
to clock.

Since then I've moved away from using the ONGOING todo keyword and just
use STARTED the same way.  If a task is clocked in it automatically
moves to a STARTED todo state and shows up on the list without having to
think about it.  Having an agenda view that shows STARTED tasks makes it
easy to pick the thing to clock - and I don't have to remember if I need
to look in the ONGOING list or the STARTED list when looking for the
task to clock in.  The STARTED list is basically 'what is current' -
stuff I worked on recently and need to continue working on.  I want to
find the thing to work on as fast as I can and actually do work on it -
not spend time hunting through my org files for the task that needs to
be clocked in.

I just find it easier to have it all in one short list.  My STARTED list
has less than 20 entries so it's pretty easy to find what I want.  The
whole point of the STARTED list is to make it easy and quick to find the
task to clock in.

I only have 2 tasks that are permanently in a STARTED state.  These are:

  - Organization
  - Email, News, and IRC

Everything else will eventually move to a DONE state and fall off the

I found having two lists more confusing than just the single STARTED


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