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[Orgmode] More Mac OS stuff: iCal.app - org integration

From: Christopher Suckling
Subject: [Orgmode] More Mac OS stuff: iCal.app - org integration
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2009 12:50:34 +0100

The nature of my work means that I find it more convenient to work in the month view of iCal.app as my default diary with lots of allday and multiday events. Of course, I'd still like to see them in my daily org agenda.

The attached file will create an Emacs diary file containing events from all checked calendars in iCal. You can specify how many months of events you'd like to import as I find that too many sexp diary entries makes Emacs calendar view grind to a halt.

Also included in the file commentary is a suggested hook that can be added to your org setup. This will ensure that allday events are not isolated at the bottom of the TODO list and that supplementary fields such as Location: are not orphaned from their parents.

The file can also be grabbed from:


Best wishes,


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