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[Orgmode] Re: tags-tree question

From: Pete Phillips
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: tags-tree question
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 23:52:56 +0100

Evening to you all 

>>>>> "Carsten" == Carsten Dominik <address@hidden> writes:

    Carsten> Pete, what exactly do you meam by "custom agenda" here.  

I mean it's one of my org-agenda-custom-commands. This is my (probably
overly) complex setup to list any of the things I do at home, which have
a TODO="NEXT" action associated with them. 

  ("h" "Home Stuff (Next)"
   ((tags-todo "Home//NEXT" nil)
    (tags-todo "DIY//NEXT" nil)
    (tags-todo "Karen//NEXT" nil)
    (tags-todo "PhoneH//NEXT" nil)
    (tags-todo "LaptopH//NEXT" nil)
    (tags-todo "WaitingH//NEXT" nil)
    (tags-todo "SometimeH//NEXT" nil))

Some of these actions will have SCHEDULED or DEADLINE dates associated
with them and I only want to see those actions 30 days (or perhaps 60
days) before the date. Anything without a DEADLine or SCHEDULED date I
want to see in the list.

    Carsten> It is a tags/property/todo search?  In that case you could
    Carsten> try something like
    Carsten>       TODO="TODO"+DEADLINE<"<+1m>"
    Carsten> as a search string

OK - promising - this looks like it may do what I want:

 ("h" "Home Stuff (Next)"
  (tags-todo "TODO=\"NEXT\"+Home+DEADLINE<\"<+1m>\"" nil)
  (tags-todo "TODO=\"NEXT\"+Home+DEADLINE=\"\"" nil)
  (tags-todo "TODO=\"NEXT\"+Home+SCHEDULED<\"<+1m>\"" nil)
  (tags-todo "TODO=\"NEXT\"+Home+SCHEDULED=\"\"" nil)


I.e., find me NEXT items with the tag of Home, with a deadline within
the next month, AND find me NEXT items with the Home tag, where there is

But that does seem very complex. (it also feels slow).

    Carsten> HTH

It does. At least i know there is a way to do it.  The question now is -
is there an easier way ?

    Carsten> - Carsten

    Carsten> P.S. Nice to know you are still around, still using Org
    Carsten> ... :-)


I haven't stopped using org-mode - it is the lubricant which oils the
wheels of my life.  I have just reduced the time I can spend reading and
responding to mailing list emails. :-( Still grazing on the list though.


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