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[Orgmode] Re: tags-tree question

From: Pete Phillips
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: tags-tree question
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 09:26:50 +0100

Morning guys.

>>>>> "Pete" == Pete Phillips <pete.phillips <at> smtl.co.uk> writes:

 Pete> Some of these actions will have SCHEDULED or DEADLINE dates associated
 Pete> with them and I only want to see those actions 30 days (or perhaps 60
 Pete> days) before the date. Anything without a DEADLine or SCHEDULED date I
 Pete> want to see in the list.

    Carsten> It is a tags/property/todo search?  In that case you could
    Carsten> try something like
    Carsten>       TODO="TODO"+DEADLINE<"<+1m>"
    Carsten> as a search string

 Pete> OK - promising - this looks like it may do what I want:

 Pete>  ("h" "Home Stuff (Next)"
 Pete>  (
 Pete>   (tags-todo "TODO=\"NEXT\"+Home+DEADLINE<\"<+1m>\"" nil)
 Pete>   (tags-todo "TODO=\"NEXT\"+Home+DEADLINE=\"\"" nil)
 Pete>   (tags-todo "TODO=\"NEXT\"+Home+SCHEDULED<\"<+1m>\"" nil)
 Pete>   (tags-todo "TODO=\"NEXT\"+Home+SCHEDULED=\"\"" nil)

 Pete> etc

 Pete> I.e., find me NEXT items with the tag of Home, with a deadline within
 Pete> the next month, AND find me NEXT items with the Home tag, where there is
 Pete> no DEADLINE, AND ....

Hmm - not sure this does what I want. Can you tell me if the expression:

 (tags-todo "TODO=\"NEXT\"+Home+SCHEDULED=\"\"" nil)

looks for a TODO=NEXT, with TAG=Home and *no* SCHEDULED date ?
(i.e. there is no SCHEDULED: <xxxx-xx-xx > line associated with that
item) ?

My results are confusing at the moment. I can see some SCHEDULED items
when I wouldn't expect to.

 Pete> But that does seem very complex. (it also feels slow).

Yeah - taking around 30-40 seconds to build the buffer.  Are there any
potential speedups ?


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