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Re: [Orgmode] Newbie Questions

From: Andrew M. Nuxoll
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Newbie Questions
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2009 21:08:31 -0700
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Nick Dokos wrote:
Just an FYI (a nice one since Carsten said so :-): Carsten is the first
name, Dominik (no c) is the surname of the creator of Org-mode. And I
promise we'll be nice even after he comes back :-)
Err, whoops!
So let me turn the question around: why do you need to both SCHEDULE
and DEADLINE the same item?
In my mind, there is no conflict between scheduling and deadlining. So, I may be missing something. In my case, I am scheduling myself to work on an item that has a deadline. I don't think that's an unusual scenario. For example, I have a grant proposal I need to have a draft of by Monday (DEADLINE) but I've scheduled Thursday afternoon to work on it. By putting SCHEDULED on it means that it gets attention on that day unless Murphy steps in. If Murphy does, then I still have the benefit of the DEADLINE to keep me apprised of my dire situation.

An alternative (which I don't like) is to not use DEADLINE on a SCHEDULED item. Instead, I can just attach a second date to the item and label it "deadline" or "drop dead date." So, the best option I have now is to ignore the double entry. I was hoping there was a magic variable(TM) for this like there was with the other issue.
2. Once a TODO item has been marked as DONE, it still shows up on my agenda. Can this be avoided?
I believe this was answered already.
Yes it was.  Thanks, Brian.

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