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Re: [Orgmode] [PATCH 0/2] Teach org-version to include git version info

From: Manish
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] [PATCH 0/2] Teach org-version to include git version information
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 20:40:24 +0530

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 8:34 PM, Nick Dokos wrote:
> Manish <address@hidden> wrote:
>> ...
>> Do we test if git is installed if we are on a non-Windows system or
>> show whatever error shell returns in case git is not installed?
>> I tried calling cygwin git from CMD shell and it seems to work okay.
>> So I am guessing we need to figure out how to correctly pass git
>> command from Emacs to Windows shell. I will try to find examples from
>> Org's PDF processing code.
> Bernt's code checks for the existence of the .git subdirectory
> in the parent directory of wherever emacs get the org.el[c] library:
> if it's present, then the assumption is that git is installed.

Yeah.. that makes sense.


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