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Re: [Orgmode] An Org-mode clone for Vim

From: Nathan Neff
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] An Org-mode clone for Vim
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 10:59:49 -0600

Herbert, this is fantastic news.

My background is mainly with Vim, but I am very open to learning other software.

I can understand people who don't want to relearn keybindings, etc,
but I work on many
platforms and have that problem all the time anyway :-).

I'm a member of a "vim-geeks" group in St. Louis, and I demoed Org-mode to them
last week.  The idea of implementing org-mode in Vim was brought up,
and I'm sure
there are some very talented Vim-scripters in our group who would be
interested in your
plugin/org-mode system.

I'll forward this thread to the vim-geeks group -- please keep up your
effort!  I think it would
be fun to be able to really use org-mode from inside Vim.  In
addition, we might be able to help
you implement some features, or provide feedback.


On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 2:39 PM, Herbert Sitz <address@hidden> wrote:
> I've been working on a Vim plugin that is file-compatible with Org-mode and 
> that
> clones a good subset of features.  It's gotten to the point where I'd like to
> put it up on Github and see if anyone wants to use it and/or help develop it
> with me.  So far I've implemented a good subset of Org's functionality and,
> though it has a few rough edges, right now it could be perfectly usable for
> certain people out there who prefer Vim as a text editor, but who have been
> drawn to Emacs' Org-mode because of its features.  My project isn't at the 
> point
> where it has all the features or the polish of Org-mode, but many Org-mode 
> users
> use only a small subset of Org.  For people who prefer Vim and have subsets
> coinciding with my project it could be an option.
> I've made a video showing what it looks like and demonstrating some of the 
> basic
> outlining stuff.  I just uploaded it to Vimeo, and it tells me it will be
> available for viewing in a couple hours (i.e., around 3:15pm PST today, Friday
> Nov. 5,2010).  When available it will be viewable at this link:
> http://vimeo.com/16543959
> For someone who asks, 'Why would you bother to do this for Vim when it's 
> already
> done in Emacs?", I would have these responses:
> 1.  A lot of people don't like Emacs.  It is of course an insanely powerful
> piece of software, but a lot of people can never get accustomed to the 
> chord-key
> command system, or if they do get semi-accustomed they don't like it or it
> causes them physical pain.
> 2.  Some people are of the opinion that, while Emacs is admittedly a great
> operating system/development environment, it lacks a decent text editor.  ;)
> 3.  Emacs and Vim (or Vim and Emacs) are king and queen atop the pile of text
> editors.  What one has the other should have to, to the extent possible.
> 4.  I consider myself a Vim person, but I moved to Org-mode and Emacs myself
> (made almost palatable to me by Viper and Vimpulse) because I wanted to be 
> able
> to publish outlines to PDF and HTML.  Vim has a couple decent outliners but
> nobody has bothered to create good export systems for quality output.  I had
> written some (non-publishing-related) extensions for one of the Vim outliners
> and I knew it wouldn't be that hard to write something in Vim that was
> file-compatible with Org-mode, which would then be able to publish to PDF and
> HTML simply by calling out to an Emacs server.  This was my original goal and
> it's done and works great.
> 5.  As I did some work I became more curious about all the task management and
> organization features in Org-mode, and how they might be implemented in Vim.  
> So
> I started coding up stuff for the various Org searches, agenda views, sparse
> trees, column views, date management, etc.  This is actually fun to do and Vim
> is well-suited for doing it.  So I've kept going.  I'm hoping someone else 
> might
> have an interest in doing this with me.
> 6. As I said in 5., developing this stuff is fun.
> That's about it.  If there's any interest I'll do more videos showing how 
> other
> Org-mode features have been implemented in the Vim plugin, and where they 
> stand
> right now in the Vim plugin compared to Org-mode.
> Regards,
> Herb Sitz
> Seattle, WA
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