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Re: [O] org-bbdb-anniversaries gives error 'bad sexp'

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: Re: [O] org-bbdb-anniversaries gives error 'bad sexp'
Date: Sun, 15 May 2011 11:02:38 -0500

On Sat May 14 2011 Johnny wrote:
> I have set up an org-agenda that includes anniversaries in the agenda
> view from the bbdb database, but this breaks with bbdb 3.02 giving the
> error 'bad sexp'. 
> I set up the agenda file using (from org-mode 6.33x info section 10.3.1):
> * Anniversaries
> :CATEGORY: Anniv
> :END
> %%(org-bbdb-anniversaries)
> Any ideas?

I need to say that I do not know how org-mode interfaces with BBDB.
I am CC'ing this email also to address@hidden

If org-mode is set up to work with BBDB v2.x, (most likely) this
does not work with BBDB v3. Defining aliases for the old BBDB
functions in terms of the new ones would work only in a few cases.
Of course, this depends first of all on how org-mode is supposed to
work with BBDB.

Yet we are trying to make the new BBDB part of GNU Emacs. So it
would be great if org-mode could be updated to provide (also) an
interface for the new BBDB.

While I'd like to declare soon that BBDB v3 has reached a beta
stage, it was probably good if someone familiar with org-mode's
interface to BBDB could take a look into this so that we could try
to make sure that the new BBDB can work with org-mode as smoothly as
possible. (Various add-ons for BBDB v2 had to go through some pain
to work as intended by advicing BBDB functions and things like that.
With BBDB v3 I tried to clean up and simplify these things; and
various add-ons for BBDB v2 are already incorporated into v3 in one
or the other way. It would probably be good if the needs of org-mode
could be incorporated into the new BBDB before we declare that BBDB
v3 has reached a beta stage.)


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