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Re: [O] org-bbdb-anniversaries gives error 'bad sexp'

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: Re: [O] org-bbdb-anniversaries gives error 'bad sexp'
Date: Sun, 15 May 2011 12:35:25 -0500

On Sun May 15 2011 Matt Lundin wrote:
> I'd be happy to take this on. AFAICT, there are three functions in
> org-bbdb that no longer exist in bbdb v3.
> bbdb-name
> bbdb-company
> bbdb-record-getprop
> The first two can easily be defaliased to bbdb-search-organization and
> bbdb-search-name. (For a while, we should probably support bbdb v2 and
> v3 simultaneously.)

Things might be a bit more subtle. The new organization field is
a list, not a single string.

> What is the new name of bbdb-record-getprop (the function that
> retrieves the value of a given label in a record)? My best guess
> is bbdb-record-note, but I want to confirm this.

That's mostly true. bbdb-record-getprop also retrieved the company field.

> The other major change that breaks compatibility is the order of the
> parameters in bbdb-split. It has been reversed in the new bbdb: i.e.,
> one used to call (bbdb-split string separator), whereas now one must
> call (bbdb-split separator string). Is there a compelling reason to
> change this order in the new bbdb?

The change is not only with respect to the order of arguments that
could be reverted in BBDB v3. More importantly, I tried to get rid
of hard-coded separators. Most often the separator arg is now the
name of the field that is split. Then the actual separator is looked
up in bbdb-separator-alist. While I do not know yet a good strategy
for the upgrade of org-mode's BBDB interface, I'd find it
unfortunate if such a feature was lost in org-mode to preserve
backward compatibility.


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