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Re: [O] Link abbreviations, org-files with searches

From: Gustav Wikström
Subject: Re: [O] Link abbreviations, org-files with searches
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 13:33:31 +0100

Hi Suvayu!

I know about the normal links and the possibility to search with these. The thing is that I want to use an abbreviation (see sec. 4.6 in the manual) to not have to type the path for this particular link every time.

Instead of typing (1)


I want to be able to add an abbreviation in the beginning of the file the link is in, with (2):

#+LINK: foo     file:/long/path/to/file/foo.org

and then use this abbreviation later in the text with (3):


,and also be able to use searches with this abbreviation. And it is this syntax that seems a bit cumbersome to use when adding headline-searching to it (requiring four ":") and does not work when trying to use regular search. Unless I'm doing something wrong.

I also know that I could add the "::%s" to the link, giving (4):

#+LINK: foo     file:/long/path/to/file/foo.org::%s

but this makes it unusable as a simple file link without search. I intend to use the link in multiple places inside my document both with and without searches, thus I'm still wondering about this syntax-issue and the non-headline search.


(PS. sorry for the double-mail Suvayu. )

2011/10/31 suvayu ali <address@hidden>
Hello Gustav,

2011/10/31 Gustav Wikström <address@hidden>:
> Hello!
> When defining a link-abbreviation to an org-file with a headline search I
> manage to get it to work with the following syntax:
>   #+LINK: foo     file:/long/path/to/file/foo.org

AFAIK, this is not required. Support for linking to org headlines is
already built in.

>   [[foo::::*heading inside foo]]

This should be something like this:


> I have to use four ":" to be able to search, instead of the three I would
> expect (expecting three since the first ":" is used to declare that I want
> to enter a tag and the following two are used inside the tag). Is this
> intended behaviour?

I am not sure what you are talking about here. Could you give an
example to illustrate?

> Also, it only seems to work for headline-search. I cannot get the regular
> search to work. Can someone confirm this behaviour?

For the regular search, something like this should be sufficient:


> /Gustav

Hope this helps.

PS: org-mode has amazing info documentation. Please check them out. All
   of these are well covered there. For tutorials, you can check the
   community site Worg.


Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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