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Re: [O] Rsquared for reproductible research

From: Stephen Eglen
Subject: Re: [O] Rsquared for reproductible research
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 20:54:29 +0000

> The syntax is now stabilized (we wanted to get this sorted before the
> final Emacs24 merge).  That which is currently described in the manual
> is and should remain the proper Org-mode code block syntax.

Thanks Eric, this is great news.  I'll ensure my examples from last year
still work with the current org-mode syntax.

> For many small examples, please see [1] which I (unfortunately) haven't

That's a nice site, thanks!

> From looking at the fairly terse web site for R^2 it is not clear to me
> exactly what the system includes (I'm sure I'm missing something
> obvious).  It seems to be the addition of a packaging system over-top of
> R source files.  What would a potential Org-mode based system provide
> which is not already possible with Org-mode text files, Org-mode
> publishing and a version control repository.

The accompanying paper from 2011 goes into detail as to what it does.
But in essence, the website is supposed to be 'neutral', in that it is
not your local system.  A document may compile on my system, but not for
others, because it depends on my local configuration.  Having a neutral
system will avoid such problems.

A neutral system could also have support for all babel languages, so
that I can use it to compile someone's document without e.g. having a
common-lisp compiler on my system.

> Perhaps the benefit would simply be a system which eases the integration
> of Org, publishing, version control, and possibly automatic Makefile
> creation with tasks like "publish", "clean" etc...

yes, that too!

best wishes,

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