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[O] Quoting characters?

From: Yu
Subject: [O] Quoting characters?
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 21:58:48 +0100


When working with Org-mode I sometimes run into oddities, when a
character I need clashes with org-mode syntax. Is there a way to avoid

Examples would be:

Writing a macro that expands to `$\neg$':
    #+macro: not $\neg$
expands to
even if I write it as \\neg. Writing the macro in the C-c C-' buffer
produces \n, but when editing it again, it is displayed as a newline.

Similiarily, I found no way to have "\^" or "\_" appear in the export,
when I wanted to write about escaping ^ and _ as =\^= and =\_=
respectively. Here as well, writing multiple backslashes wouldn't
change the output.

Maybe related, I found that when editing an block
    : #+foo: bar
    : This is an org-mode example
with C-c C-', the result text will be
    : ,#+foo: bar
    : This is an org-mode example
The extra comma generated will still be there also in the C-c C-'
editing buffer.

In a source code block, that is declared to be of the language "org",
this behaviour doesn't appear, but it reappears for other languages.

When exporting to html or pdf, the comma isn't present for "src"
blocks, but it is for the "colon" blocks.

kind regards, Yu

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