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[O] org-mobile : checksum errors

From: Richard Riley
Subject: [O] org-mobile : checksum errors
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2012 15:56:05 +0000
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I reduced my mobile org file set to a single file "general.org" by
adjusting org-mobile-files.

I did an org-mobile-push but the mobile app falls over when I try to
sync it saying "error downloading checksums". I read on the org-mobile
web page that one should manally run md5 (which was a surprise) and did
this and still I get the same error ("md5 *.org > checksums.dat") : the
full text is "an error was encountered while downloading checksums.dat
from the server. The file isnt required but the error was unusual, The
error was 'unexpected eror'". So not much to go on there.

I even tried deleting the mobile app with ll its data and reinitialising
drop box but still no joy.

I would be intersted to hear from anyone using this suite that might
have come across similar issues.

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