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Re: [O] [ANN] ASCII back-end for new export engine

From: Thomas S. Dye
Subject: Re: [O] [ANN] ASCII back-end for new export engine
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2012 06:39:48 -1000

Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,
> address@hidden (Thomas S. Dye) writes:
>> This docstring at line 186 of org-e-latex.el is incomplete
> Fixed.
>> BTW, I have the experimental LaTeX exporter working on a real project
>> now.  It is performing very well for me.
> Good to hear. I still need to fix the "#+toc: listings" keyword (which
> currently provides a wrong command), though, and implement booktabs, as
> suggested in another thread.
> Thanks again.
> Regards,
Hi Nicolas,

A couple of questions.

The old exporter recognized LaTeX commands for accented characters.  So,
\=o in the Org mode file would yield \={o} in the LaTeX file.  The new
exporter gives $\backslash$=o for this construct.  How does the new
LaTeX exporter recognize accented characters?

I can't find a way to get creator information into \hypersetup{} without
also having it inserted as normal text at the end of the file.  Is this

All the best,

Thomas S. Dye

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