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[O] Freemind export and import question/suggestion (newlines problem)

From: Johnny
Subject: [O] Freemind export and import question/suggestion (newlines problem)
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 00:40:40 +0000
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I am trying out the excellent freemind exporter/importer and am running
into issues with long node names and newlines. 

1) Exporting org to freemind (node name length limitation?)
In org-mode, none of the headlines can contain newlines, so occasionaly
they get a bit long. This is not a (big) issue in org, but when exorting to
freemind, I would like to limit the names to a maximum length, as the
mindmap display in freemind need reasonably short node names to give a
clear overview. It would be great to be able to do this with the
exporter by setting a variable / giving a prefix number.

2) Importing freemind to org (remove newlines?)
For now, I have manually split some lines in freemind to get a good
mindmap, but then the issue is that when re-importing to org, the
headlines are including the newline, hence the org-mode headings are
broken. This may be easily done by replacing all newlines in the node
name when importing, but being Lisp challenged I cannot find where in
org-freemind.el this replacement should be done.

3) Importing freemind to org (centered nodes)
I noticed also that nodes in freemind that were centered broke the org
import fairly bad by splitting the node name over several lines with
blank lines in between. And none of the textual lines were actually
displayed as a headline. I don't really have an issue with this, as I
can do without changing from the default alignment in freeming, but
thought I'd include it in this writeup.

If anyone has an idea of how to solve this or could point me in the
right direction that would be great!



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