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[O] org reserved and special words in drawers

From: tony day
Subject: [O] org reserved and special words in drawers
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2012 14:33:07 +1100


I've been thinking about a patch for org-mode that would give an
option to place various org concepts in a drawer rather than
automatically in the body of the document. The overall idea is that
for some use cases, it makes sense to disturb the underlying content
as little as possible. In other words, we could then /apply/ org-mode
on a document rather than transforming a document into an org

Is this doable or is it a crazy amount of work for little benefit?

The org concepts I've penciled in are:

** tags

What might be the best scheme for defining tags as properties rather
than in headlines?

** scheduled, closed, deadline

It should be possible to put these in drawers.

** =todo=

Can we put =todo= keywords in drawers but still easily use all the
org-mode technology surrounding them?

** item

Would it be at all possible to define an item without actually adding
a header? One solution that comes to mind is to define an item (or a
subtree in other words) as all content until the next properties drawer. 

Is there anything else missing from this list?


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