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[O] useless ellipses

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: [O] useless ellipses
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2012 09:55:51 -0700

On 8/21/12, Samuel Wales <address@hidden> wrote:
> === beginning of window
> ...
> ******* Above all
> Above all, it is a collapse of the uneasy and corrupt
> identification of science -- that principled, unbiased, at
> times necessarily subversive, transparent, open-minded, and
> often selfless search for natural reality -- with rank
> authority.  The sloppy emulsion of water in oil.
> === end of window
> Note the "..." on the first line.  (Above that is merely ordinary body
> text in a sibling.)
> This hides things that do not need hiding (because we know that there
> are lines above the top of the window), is highly distracting, and
> reduces the number of lines visible by a significant amount for people
> with small monitors, mobile devices, or very large fonts.  (You might
> need to set near-maximum font sizes to reproduce.)

This also happens upon merely cycling.

Anybody been able to reproduce or have a fix?  I only have a few lines
per window, so the useless ellipsis is significant.




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