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[O] Indenting into lists

From: William Léchelle
Subject: [O] Indenting into lists
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 02:04:37 -0500
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Hi list,

I often structure notes into (multi-level) lists, and copy-paste multi-line
text into them, some of which gets pasted on column zero. For it to be part of
the list item, it needs to be indented as such, which I'd like <tab> to do.

  ┏━━━━[ <tab> runs the command org-cycle ]
  ┃ When point is not at the beginning of a headline, execute the global binding
  ┃ for TAB, which is re-indenting the line.

Problem is tab only indents to the first possible level, that is, until the
bullets, like so:

* heading
  - list item on
    many lines
  HERE is not enough to be in the list.

So in order to achieve the desired behaviour, I have to press space and tab
alternatively until the line reaches where it belongs (for that combination
makes it be indented more and more), which becomes tedious when indenting a few
lines across nested lists.

Is there a better way to indent to the maximum point ?

(Could tab cycle between all indenting points, like is automagical in python ?
That would be truly awesome.)

Thanks in advance

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