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[O] What can *not* be done with Org-mode yet (was: The statement on what

From: Karl Voit
Subject: [O] What can *not* be done with Org-mode yet (was: The statement on what is orgmode.)
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2012 19:44:27 +0100
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I do like those kind of future/brainstorming threads :-)

* David Rogers <address@hidden> wrote:
> Things you can't do in Emacs that feel as if they *should* be practical,
> even though they currently are not
> - Ability to continue working in other buffers when one buffer is
>   busy. Combine this feature and the one mentioned above, and I (perhaps
>   along with a lot of other people) move from two primary every-day
>   applications down to one.

Well this relates to me to:
- Multi-threaded GNU/Emacs

... because I have multiple CPU cores but Emacs (and Org-mode
obviously) is only able to use one single core :-(

Usually I do not care. But for complex agenda commands, I have to
wait 5-30 seconds some times. :-(

Sure, this is not an Org-mode specific issue at all.

> - WYSIWYG word processing with multiple fonts per page, adjustable
>   margins, and named styles (not saying it should ever be implemented,
>   just saying it's something Emacs can't currently be used for)

... and should not IMHO.

> And how about fantasy-but-would-be-really-useful features? Nearly unlimited.
> - Fully-functioning, practical Org-mode & Gnus & Emacs on a touch screen

... Org-mode works as well.

Note that you have to use "Hackers keyboard"[1] in order to type
Meta, Ctrl, ...

I could not find any hardware keyboard for Android which provided me
working ESC, Meta, Ctrl, ... so far.

> - Optical character recognition within Emacs

This would be awesome! I do have many hand written notes I wanted to
be digitized and searchable. No, I do not want them to be published
in any cloud not owned by me.

> - Text entry by voice (including programming languages) within Emacs

In a few years, this should be a normal option for entering simple

> - Hand-written text entry directly into Emacs, including filling in web forms

Sorry, I am *much* faster using any kind of hardware keyboard (not
on-screen ones).

Karl Voit

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