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[O] specifical scheduled/deadline timestamp

From: Jeova Sanctus Unus
Subject: [O] specifical scheduled/deadline timestamp
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 01:34:23 +0800


I write a elisp code create specfical scheduled/deadline timestamp,
Sometimes,we might want to create scheduled/deadline on a specfical
day,such as the last work day of month.
Using sexp(like <%%(org-float t 42)>) in scheduling and deadline
timestamp is limited,
like info says:
Org mode does not know enough about the internals of each sexp
function to issue early and late warnings.

I write a elisp code to solve the problem,with it,all you need to do
is setting a property.
You can download it from here:

you can write your task like these:
 * TODO test
   SCHEDULED: <2013-03-29 Fri>
   :NEXT-SPEC-SCHEDULED: last-workday-of-month
 * TODO test2
    SCHEDULED: <2013-06-16 Sun> DEADLINE: <2012-12-31 Mon -3d>
    :NEXT-SPEC-DEADLINE: (= (calendar-extract-day date)
(calendar-last-day-of-month (calendar-extract-month date)
(calendar-extract-year date)))
    :NEXT-SPEC-SCHEDULED: (org-float 6 0 3)
After changing the todo state of the task,the schedule timestamp will
be set automaticly.

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