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Re: [O] org-plus-contrib-20121224 error [Solved]

From: Achim Gratz
Subject: Re: [O] org-plus-contrib-20121224 error [Solved]
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 11:36:57 +0100
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Am 26.12.2012 22:04, schrieb Alan L Tyree:
Well, I might have an idea what went wrong... the first install you did
after you've already worked with orgmode in your Emacs or do you already
load (some) orgmode stuff in your init file?

Both. I had been working with orgmode, then made the install.

Then you already had org-compat loaded before package manager started to compile the new Org.

I also  load a small amount of orgmode in the init file.

This may cause org-compat to be loaded as well.

When the agenda didn't work, I quit emacs and then restarted, but the
problem persisted. As I indicated, this happened on both my main machine
and a laptop. I'm not sure what the sequence was on the laptop.

Yes, that is expected when org-copmpat is already loaded: org-no-popups is a macro and macro definitions must be known at compile time. Since the old org-compat without that definition was already loaded, the corresponding require did nothing, so the definition was missing and the byte-compiler was assuming a function that would need to be defined at runtime.

Both machines made a miraculous recovery when I deleted the package and
then installed it.

As I said, that is something that should really be fixed in package manager.


(on the road :-)

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