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Re: [O] Can I clone worg using http protocol?

From: Vladimir Lomov
Subject: Re: [O] Can I clone worg using http protocol?
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 12:11:50 +0900
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** John Hendy [2013-03-24 20:34:09 -0500]:

> On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 7:54 PM, Vladimir Lomov <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> ** John Hendy [2013-03-24 12:52:34 -0500]:

>>> I can't use git protocol due to being behind a firewall at work,
>>> otherwise I would. I was trying to clone Worg via http protocol and am
>>> getting an error

>>> #+begin_src bash

>>> $ git clone http://orgmode.org/w/worg.git
>>> Cloning into 'worg'...
>>> error: The requested URL returned error: 403 Forbidden while accessing
>>> http://orgmode.org/w/worg.git/info/refs?service=git-upload-pack
>>> fatal: HTTP request failed

>>> #+end_src

>>> I guess I figured I could given the line later on, which says, "If you
>>> already have your local clone of Worg obtained via http protocol,..."

>>> As a side note (forgive being a git novice if this should be evident),
>>> I don't get this setting suggestion for .gitconfig:

>>> #+begin_example
>>> [url "git://address@hidden:worg.git"]
>>>   pushInsteadOf = http://repo.or.cz/r/
>>> #+end_example

>>> If the pull was from orgmode.org/w/worg.git, why am I setting an
>>> option to push with git to repo.or.cz?

>>> Any suggestions?

>> This works for me

>> git clone http://orgmode.org/org-mode.git

> I have been accessing orgmode git via http (I have to since I update
> at work) for some time. But can you do the same with worg (the Orgmode
> wiki, not orgmode itself)?

Sorry, didn't read your message carefully. There is way to just clone
worg repository but not, AFAIK, to push to it:

git clone http://orgmode.org/cgit.cgi/worg.git

I have successfully clone worg repo (takes ages to complete it).
AFAIU, in order to push to worg it must be accessible over https, but
seems https://orgmode.org/cgit.cgi/worg.git don't work.

> Thanks,
> John

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

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She lays eggs in the Relative When.
She doesn't lay eggs in the Positive Now
Because she's unable to postulate How.
                -- Frederick Winsor

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