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Re: [O] [PATCH] ox-icalendar: fix handling of timestamps

From: Viktor Rosenfeld
Subject: Re: [O] [PATCH] ox-icalendar: fix handling of timestamps
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2013 14:42:14 +0200
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Hi Nicolas,

Nicolas Goaziou wrote:

> Hello,
> Viktor Rosenfeld <address@hidden> writes:
> >   * ox-icalendar.el (org-icalendar-entry): Honor setting of
> >   `org-icalendar-with-timestamps' for timestamps on headlines
> >   and checkboxes.
> >
> >   The setting `org-icalendar-with-timestamps' was only applied
> >   to timestamps which do not appear on a heading or on a
> >   checkbox. E.g., with `org-icalendar-with-timestamps' set to
> >   'active, an heading containing an inactive timestamp on would
> >   be exported. This patch fixes this.
> This would make icalendar back-end inconsistent with other back-ends,
> see `org-export-with-timestamps' docstring.
> If inconsistency is desirable in this case, `org-icalendar-with-timestamps'
> docstring should clearly state it.

The docstring of `org-icalendar-with-timestamps' already states:

  This variable has precedence over `org-export-with-timestamps'.
  It can also be set with the #+OPTIONS line, e.g. "<:t".

I believe that inconsistency is desirable here. Consider the following
use case with three headlines:

* TODO An appointment in the future
<2013-08-12 So 09:00>
* DONE A note about an appointment in the past
[2013-08-10 Fr 09:00]
* WAIT A reminder how long I've been waiting for something [2013-08-10 Fr]

The previous behavior, with `org-icalendar-with-timestamps' set to
'active, was that the first and the last headlines were picked up (even
though the timestamp in the last headline is inactive). This was
unexpected because the two inactive timestamps are handled differently.
My expectation was that only the first headline should have been
exported. This is what my patch achieves.

(Putting timestamps on the heading is useful to me because then I can
see them in the agenda. Also, I often put timestamps on lines with
checkboxes. However, I do not want to see any of those in my calendar
when I export only active timestamps.)


> Regards,
> -- 
> Nicolas Goaziou

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