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Re: [O] Radio targets in comment lines

From: Steen Hoyer
Subject: Re: [O] Radio targets in comment lines
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 09:16:48 -0500

Thank you Nicolas! I will think about a patch for the FAQ. I don't quite 
understand one of your comments:

> There is no point in making radio targets invisible. 

I think that invisible radio targets are precisely what I want - that's why I 
made so many of them in comments under the old system. Am I missing something? 
I've tried putting the radio targets in a :LOGBOOK:, which works fine in Emacs, 
but not after export. Perhaps I should use some other type of non-exported 

For what it is worth, I am trying to able to paste text from academic papers 
(with multiple possible citation styles) and have links to notes elsewhere in 
the file appear automatically.

* Author Year
<<<Author et al., Year>>>
<<<Author et al. (Year)>>>

I am not using the radio targets in a sentence and therefore I don't want them 
to be visible. I could use <<Author et al., Year>> to make an invisible target 
(or use a custom ID), but then to link I would need [[Author et al., Year]], 
instead of simply Author et al., Year. Does this make sense, is there some 
workaround I'm missing, or should I give up on this clumsy system?


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