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[O] Learn Tamil Online

Subject: [O] Learn Tamil Online
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 08:48:39 +0000 (UTC)
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Tamil is one of the oldest classical languages of the world with
peculiarities that sets it apart from many other contemporary languages. We
have organized our content such that, at your own pace, you can gain a
decent understanding of Tamil language. It is quite natural to face few
difficulties during the course of learning Tamil. Don't feel dejected.
Practice, practice and practice again until you are comfortable in speaking

Tamil is the only literary tradition indigenous to India that is not derived
from Sanskrit. Tamil is the mother language of Dravidian languages and
Dravidian culture in India. Indeed, its literature arose before the
influence of Sanskrit in the south became strong and so is qualitatively
different from anything we have in Sanskrit or other Indian languages. It
has its own poetic theory, its own grammatical tradition, its own esthetics,
and, above all, a large body of literature that is quite unique.
Tamil is one of the ancient classical literature and tradition of the world
with an estimated history of more than 3000 years. Tamil had a well defined
grammatical treatise named 'Tholkappiyam' even 2500 years ago. The maturity
and fineness of this oldest literary work indicates that Tamil literature
has even longer history than estimated. 

Tamil literature is also a part of curriculum of many international
universities. Tamil is the first language of the state of Tamil Nadu and the
union territory Pondicherry in India. There is a significant amount of Tamil
population in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore. It also has large
communities of Tamil speakers in many other countries like Indonesia, United
Kingdom, Canada, Mauritius, Australia, USA, London, South Africa. 
People who move from other states to Tamil Nadu are learning Tamil. We have
also seen a lot of interest from outside India for learning Tamil. But there
are plenty of other reasons to learn Tamil. Here are some that we think will
motivate you to learn this one of the oldest and beautiful language.

Tamil has a very long history and its origins is still left to speculation.
It is one of the oldest but yet surviving language of the world. Many
scholars and linguists learn Tamil literature because of its richness and
variety. Many historians also learn Tamil to research the world of ancient
Tamils and their civilization....!

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