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[O] C-c ' and mail sources

From: François Pinard
Subject: [O] C-c ' and mail sources
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 00:16:43 -0500

Hi, Org people.  Just observing this little nit.

If I insert an email message (copy and pasted from Gnus in my case)

   #+BEGIN_SRC mail

the header lines of the message are highlighted with a reasonable set of
colors.  However, with the cursor within the message, I hid "C-c '"
twice, this has the effect of shifting the inserted message two columns
to the right, the highlighting of the header is then lost.

Not a big problem, and I expect that someone on this list will reply
that this is an Org limitation (a way to say that the bug is innocuous
enough to not deserve a correction).  I rather use the word limitation
for a bug which has been documented :-).  In any case, this is a bug.

I do not know what would be the reasonable way to correct it: preventing
the shifting, or changing how highlighting interpret beginning of lines,
in case of Org?


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