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[O] Problem with org-bibtex-read with fields type, key

From: Stefan-W. Hahn
Subject: [O] Problem with org-bibtex-read with fields type, key
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2014 17:17:02 +0100
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Good evening,

I have a little problem with org-bibtex function org-bibtex-read:

My bibtex entries have the keyword "type" and "key". When
reading such an entry with org-bibtex-read I get an alist
with the entries ":type" and ":key" each twice.

| (defun org-bibtex-read ()
|   ...
|              (cons (let ((field (funcall keyword (car pair))))
|                      (case field
|                        (:=type= :type)
|                        (:=key= :key)
|                        (otherwise field)))
|                    (funcall clean-space (funcall strip-delim (cdr pair)))))
|   ...

Seems to be because of the conversation of "=type=" and "=key=".
Am I the only person having problems with it?

Is there some advice?

With kind regards,
Stefan-W. Hahn                          It is easy to make things.
                                        It is hard to make things simple.

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