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[O] Any linguists (or other gb4e/linguex users) on this list?

From: Richard Lawrence
Subject: [O] Any linguists (or other gb4e/linguex users) on this list?
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2014 11:49:32 -0800
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Hi Org folks,

I am wondering if anyone on this list uses the gb4e or linguex packages
in LaTeX documents that they export from Org.

I have been working on an export backend derived from the LaTeX exporter
to allow exporting ordinary Org lists as linguistics examples formatted
by one of these two packages.  For example, a list like:

#+ATTR_LATEX: :environment gb4e-exe
1) This is an example sentence. <<s:example>>
2) * This ungrammatical sentence! <<s:ungrammatical>>

would be exported as:

\ex[ ]{This is an example sentence.} \label{s:example}
\ex[*]{This ungrammatical sentence!} \label{s:ungrammatical}

This allows typing your examples using Org's nicer syntax, and referring
to them using Org links.

The backend is still in very early stages (it doesn't support linguex
yet, for example, nor have I tested it with glosses), but it supports
simple gb4e examples, including nested lists.  If anyone else is
interested in this, I can try to package it up in a form that could be
shared or put in org-contrib.  Let me know!


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