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Re: [O] ~"~ doesn't register as verbatim

From: Oleh
Subject: Re: [O] ~"~ doesn't register as verbatim
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 10:20:55 +0100

>>> Could you maybe share your customization, then?
> It was clearly not as elegant as this:
>> I can share it:
>>     (setcar (nthcdr 2 org-emphasis-regexp-components) " \t\n,'")
>>     (custom-set-variables `(org-emphasis-alist ',org-emphasis-alist))
> However I don't understand why the second line is necessary (but when
> testing it, I found it necessary).

`org-emphasis-alist` has a :set handler `org-set-emph-re` which will do the job
of setting up the regexps. I don't want to call `org-set-emph-re` directly,
instead I set `org-emphasis-alist` to itself and let the customize interface
call the handler for me.


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