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Re: [O] Namespace problem org-mode / Clojure

From: Volker Strobel
Subject: Re: [O] Namespace problem org-mode / Clojure
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 10:22:21 +0100
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Hi Soapy,

thank you! I feel at ease knowing that you could replicate
the behavior, as I was trying to find the error in my settings for a
long, long time (and as mentioned before, it did work for some time, and
I've no clue why - I've played around with some settings in the init file). 

And yes, adding an explicit namespace declaration (ns, in-ns) to every code
block works, but that's a rather roundabout way (I've many small
snippets in the same namespace) and it produces a bit 'unsightly',
tangled code. So, I'd be really glad, if this issue could be processed.

Best, Volker

Soapy Smith <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Volker-
> I tried the your example code blocks on my system, and I concur with
> most of the behavior you described.
> org-babel-execute-buffer does not work, as it comes back with error
> "repl not connected".  It did not cause a crash.
> However, if I add explicit namespace declaration to the 2nd block, it
> works!  This is true even thought the 3rd block does not(???).
> I was thinking back to why I never encountered this problem, and it is
> because I have almost always used an explicit namespace declaration at
> the top of the block.  Fortunately, after the first block, you don't
> have to use the optional parameters, includes etc.  In your example
> (ns environment.my-test)
> added to subsequent code blocks you wish to execute in the same
> namespace should be sufficient.  I think this should be considered the
> "work-around" until someone can explain what is going on, or, even
> better, can fix this.
> I'm the person who updated the worg documentation for Clojure code
> blocks.  I'm thinking about adding a list of TODOs at the bottom, as
> there have been some other requests recently to the function behavior.
> This issue definitely will go on the list.  Hopefully Bastien is
> monitoring and can comment if this is appropriate to add to the Clojure
> specific worg page (or should it go somewhere else).
> Regards,
> Greg

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