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Re: [O] Using KOMA and Memoir?

From: Ian Barton
Subject: Re: [O] Using KOMA and Memoir?
Date: Wed, 07 May 2014 09:26:34 +0100
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On 07/05/14 06:48, Martin Schöön wrote:
On 6 May 2014 23:28, Suvayu Ali <address@hidden
<mailto:address@hidden>> wrote:

    On Tue, May 06, 2014 at 09:41:27PM +0200, Martin Schöön wrote:

     > I the altered #+latex_class: article to #+latex_class:
    komaarticle in my
     > org-file.
     > Whe trying to export it I am told komaarticle is not a known
    Latex class.

    Did you restart Emacs after that?

Yes. No better.
And I had restarted emacs after editing .emacs before I started working
on my org-document.


I am a very novice Latex user, so forgive me for asking but do you have the KOMA package installed?


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