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[O] Org Converge: Configuration management with Org Babel

From: Waldemar Quevedo
Subject: [O] Org Converge: Configuration management with Org Babel
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2014 19:48:39 +0900

Hello Org mode users,

I've had the idea for some time of using Org babel functionality
as a method to provide configuration management
features and the result is the following:


Note that this uses the Ruby implementation of the Org mode parser
that I've been maintaining to interop with some useful gems from Ruby, like rake and foreman.

The idea here is to a able to use Org Babel not only
for reproducible research, but also for reproducible runs entirely.
This way a local development environment could be considered to beĀ 
a run where the processes run in parallel, or in the case
of the configuration of a server, we rely on the tangling
syntax from Org Babel as well defined idempotency checks
to make sure that the configuration from a server converges.

In case you have some feedback, please let me know!
Feel free to create any issues in the tracker in case
you think that the idea has potential :)


- Waldemar

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