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Re: [O] Bleeding edge in elpa

From: Achim Gratz
Subject: Re: [O] Bleeding edge in elpa
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2015 19:24:51 +0100
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T.F. Torrey writes:
> The package manager can only handle one version of a package *per
> archive*, so instead use one archive per version.

The version of package manager that people most likely use today always
choses the latest version from _any_ archive available when you update.
You can't tell it to consider some archive more authoritative than
another or that it should stick with whatever source archive the package
was originally installed from.

> The current daily builds are here:

That sort of contorsionist gymnastics defeats the whole point of having
a package manager in the first place.  If every package would have to do
that we'd all end up juggling dozens of archives in our config files.

> If the next version of Emacs breaks Org out of core into the GNU ELPA
> package archive, things can be even easier:  Keep the stable version in
> the GNU package archive, and keep the unstable version in the archive on
> the orgmode.org server.

I wouldn't hold my breath.  At the moment that mechanism by which to do
that is certainly not in place and there's no agreement on what it
should look like.

> (And personally, I think the "contrib" parts should either be merged
> into the core or split into separate packages, but that's another can of
> worms.)

if you want to move things into core, clean those files up, create tests
and get the copyrights assignmed to the FSF by their authors and propose
their inclusion.

If you want separate packages, I'm quite certain that this needs further
modifications at least to some of the files.  The current mode of
operation is that they should be compiled together with the rest of Org
and no checks are made if they work if installed sepaerately.  Some of
them likely do, others probably not.

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