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Re: [O] Bug: org-babel-ref-parse needs to set current buffer to the buff

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] Bug: org-babel-ref-parse needs to set current buffer to the buffer of the marker [8.2.2 (release_8.2.2-188-gc57372 @ /home/wvxvw/Projects/org-mode/lisp/)]
Date: Sat, 09 May 2015 00:08:58 +0200

Oleg Sivokon <address@hidden> writes:

> I've started working on the test as I realized that the behavior no
> longer reproduces (since I've filed the bug, I've rebuilt my
> Emacs...).  Now even if the marker is initially in the wrong buffer, if
> you call `marker-position', it still succeeds.  I checked the history of
> `marker-position' source and `CHECK_MARKER' source, but there was no
> change there recent enough to suspect them to be the reason of the
> behavior I've seen.

Odd. Anyway, if you can't reproduce it, I guess there's nothing to fix
at the moment.

> I've tried going back to Emacs 24.5 (the one installed from
> distribution package manager), but it's not compatible with the Org
> version that I've build from the master yesterday.

It should be. Development version currently tries to be compatible with
both Emacs 23 and Emacs 24. How does this incompatibility manifest

> If this is important, it is incompatible in that ox-latex expects
> there to be a `cl-struct-define' macro, but it probably didn't exist
> yet in the 24.5 times.

Do you mean `defstruct'? If so, it has been in cl.el for ages. I doubt
this is related to the incompatibility you are experiencing.


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