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Re: [O] contributing to work on citations

From: Will Monroe
Subject: Re: [O] contributing to work on citations
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2015 13:37:55 -0600
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Aaron, Matt:

> Based on the interests you’ve expressed, I think working on the JS
> citation processor and/or zotero integration would be good contributions
> you can make.  But you can work on other things as well.  I think the
> best way to coordinate will be to keep the list apprised of your
> progress.

As someone who uses Zotero and org-mode quite a bit, I'd be glad to help
with testing, if that would be useful.  I'm learning Elisp but I'm still
a beginner.  Nevertheless, I have a keen interest in bringing together
these tools.

All the best,


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