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Re: [O] Changes to contrib

From: Aaron Ecay
Subject: Re: [O] Changes to contrib
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2015 17:27:46 +0000
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Hi Rasmus,

2015ko azaroak 8an, Rasmus-ek idatzi zuen:


> Do you have signed FSF papers?  I don't know if there's any desire to move
> ox-taskjuggler.el to core, nor whether it would be possible (since I don’t
> know if "tj" and Baptiste have signed FSF papers).


> Also, you introduce a dependency on subr-x, which may or may not be an
> issue since it’s in contrib.

FWIW, my impression of the way contrib is handled is that copyright
assignment is not required, though it is strongly encouraged to leave
open the possibility of moving a package to core.  Similarly, the
restrictions on emacs version support in org core do not apply.

This is just what I’ve surmised from observation, thoguh.  Others can
speak more informatively than me.

(I do like this system since it allows org-related packages to be
effectively community-maintained, and different people take on their
maintenance at different times, as we see here.  I’d be happy if of
the org-related packages on github were migrated to contrib, so that
they don’t bitrot when their original authors move on.  One thing that
might help with that is if we could provide an ELPA repo with the
individual contrib packages, though I’ve no idea how complex that task
would be.)

Aaron Ecay

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