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Re: [O] Org Mode and PDF Notes!

From: Matti Minkkinen
Subject: Re: [O] Org Mode and PDF Notes!
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2015 10:04:47 +0200
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Ramon Diaz-Uriarte writes:

> On Thu, 12-11-2015, at 14:11, Matt Price gmail.com> wrote:
> It works! I get the highlighted text (I have just tried with a pdf I
> highlighted with EzPDF, the one that, above, was giving just the location
> and properties). And it still does the correct thing in your pdf (the one
> from repligo).
> Awesome! Thanks.
> R.
> link

I also have a strong interest in getting PDF annotations from Android to
org-mode notes easily, so I've been following this thread with great

Very recently, on 11 November, there were a couple of commits to this
pdf-tools fork which also let you export highlighted text:

Matt Price already referred to the pull request from that fork, but
those commits are more recent than the original pull request. I think it
uses the same principle as the solution mentioned here but maybe it's
more elaborate. I don't know enough elisp to confirm that.


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