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Re: [O] MobileOrg

From: dean
Subject: Re: [O] MobileOrg
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2015 09:30:27 +1000
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On 11/22/15 08:52, Peter Davis wrote:

> Thank you, Ed, but this raises a number of questions for me:
>> I ran into this same problem. The source of the problem appears to be
>> that MobileOrg really, really wants to create the directory
>> ~/Dropbox/Apps/MobileOrg.  My workaround was to:
>> 1. Delete any and all MobileOrg directories in Dropbox so you don't get
>> confused as to which one is really the right one.
> The only MobileOrg directory is the one created by the app, 
> ~/Dropbox/apps/MobileOrg

I think the point Ed is making is that you should make sure you only
have 1 "mobileorg" directory, which seems to be true for you.

>> 2. Bring up MobileOrg on your iPhone or iPad. Let it create the
>> directory.
> Ok, done, I guess.
>> 3. Configure org on your desktop/laptop to export to
>> ~/Dropbox/Apps/MobileOrg.
> How? This doesn't seem to be any of the variables specified in the
> instructions at http://mobileorg.ncogni.to/doc/getting-started/using-dropbox/
(setq org-mobile-directory "~/Dropbox/Apps/MobileOrg")

>> 4. Now export from your desktop via org.
> Export what? Each file I want to sync? If I just save a copy of an org
> file to ~/Dropbox/Apps/MobileOrg, will that have the same effect?


export by issuing M-x org-mobile-push
MobileOrg needs index.org and checksums.dat which the above function
should create from org-mobile-files.
>> 5. You should now be able to sync on your mobile device.
>> Note that is you want to sync to multiple mobile devices you need to
>> repeat steps 1 and 2 for each device before you do anything from org on
>> your desktop. Each of the MobileOrg instances will create the target
>> directory when it initializes.
> I'm confused. All my .org files are already in Dropbox, sync'ed across a
> number of different machines, so the directory structures and contents
> should be identical (once Dropbox syncs them.)

I use 2 separate folders: 1 for my org files and another for MobileOrg
files, just to make my life easier and then I don't have to let
MobileOrg near my org files. If I'm ever in doubt I can wipe the
MobileOrg folder and recreate all it's files with org-mobile-push.

> Thank you,
> -pd

Hope this helps,

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