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Re: [O] Bug: [bisected] note from clocking out is above :LOGBOOK: drawer

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] Bug: [bisected] note from clocking out is above :LOGBOOK: drawer [8.3.3 (release_8.3.3-469-g2e7716 @ /home/grfz/src/org-mode/lisp/)]
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2016 14:32:09 +0100


Gregor Zattler <address@hidden> writes:

> Notes produced when clocking out with org-log-note-clock-out set
> will be placed above the clock line instead below the clock line.
> In my heavily customized sessions the notes show up on the
> previos line respective to the clock line.  Without
> customizations (see below) they end up above the :LOGBOOK:
> drawer.
> ECM:
> emacs24 -Q -nw -L /home/grfz/src/org-mode/lisp/ --eval "(require 'org)"  
> --eval '(setq org-log-note-clock-out t)' /tmp/test.org
> now add a heading, clock in, clock out, write something as a note,
> do C-c C-c to finish note taking.  Result:
> * heading
>   - note
>   CLOCK: [2016-01-19 Di 16:22]--[2016-01-19 Di 16:22] =>  0:00
>   :END:

I can reproduce it. However, I don't think it is a bug. It looks like
the expected default behaviour.

By default, clocks and notes are not stored at the same location. See
`org-log-into-drawer' and `org-clock-into-drawer'. So, there's no reason
to put them together here. 

Moreover, I cannot see anything in the code that would make "clock
notes" special in any way. This is basically the same as calling
`org-add-note' right after clocking out, and, as this function's
docstring points out:

  This is done in the same way as adding a state change note.

OTOH, the manual says

  See the variable ‘org-log-note-clock-out’ for the possibility to
  record an additional note together with the clock-out timestamp.

In particular, the term "together" is ambiguous, as it can indeed be
understood as "at the same place". However, I doubt the intent is to
create a new type of note that would purposely ignore global logging
settings. So I lean towards a documentation bug here.



Nicolas Goaziou

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