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Re: [O] Bug: [bisected] note from clocking out is above :LOGBOOK: drawer

From: Gregor Zattler
Subject: Re: [O] Bug: [bisected] note from clocking out is above :LOGBOOK: drawer [8.3.3 (release_8.3.3-469-g2e7716 @ /home/grfz/src/org-mode/lisp/)]
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2016 15:58:53 +0100

Hi Nicolas,
* Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> [20. Jan. 2016]:
> Gregor Zattler <address@hidden> writes:
>> Notes produced when clocking out with org-log-note-clock-out set
>> will be placed above the clock line instead below the clock line.
>> In my heavily customized sessions the notes show up on the
>> previos line respective to the clock line.  Without
>> customizations (see below) they end up above the :LOGBOOK:
>> drawer.
>> ECM:
>> emacs24 -Q -nw -L /home/grfz/src/org-mode/lisp/ --eval "(require 'org)"  
>> --eval '(setq org-log-note-clock-out t)' /tmp/test.org
>> now add a heading, clock in, clock out, write something as a note,
>> do C-c C-c to finish note taking.  Result:
>> * heading
>>   - note
>>   :LOGBOOK:
>>   CLOCK: [2016-01-19 Di 16:22]--[2016-01-19 Di 16:22] =>  0:00
>>   :END:
> I can reproduce it. However, I don't think it is a bug. It looks like
> the expected default behaviour.
> By default, clocks and notes are not stored at the same location. See
> `org-log-into-drawer' and `org-clock-into-drawer'. So, there's no reason
> to put them together here. 
> Moreover, I cannot see anything in the code that would make "clock
> notes" special in any way. This is basically the same as calling
> `org-add-note' right after clocking out, and, as this function's
> docstring points out:
>   This is done in the same way as adding a state change note.
> OTOH, the manual says
>   See the variable ‘org-log-note-clock-out’ for the possibility to
>   record an additional note together with the clock-out timestamp.
> In particular, the term "together" is ambiguous, as it can indeed be
> understood as "at the same place". However, I doubt the intent is to
> create a new type of note that would purposely ignore global logging
> settings. So I lean towards a documentation bug here.

Thanks for your explanation.  To me this is not a documentation
bug.  What the documentation describes allows for a helpful
distinction of notes in different contexts which IMHO should not
be conflated: 

I understand that to you all notes are created equal: They
somehow belong to a node.

I think the note taken when clocking out belongs specifically to
its clock line and explains it.  Clocking is for reasons of
measurement of time often in context of accounting.  Such notes
answer to the question ""Why took it so long".  This is different
to notes which are there to remember specific aspects of a tasks.

This was default behaviour when users decided to be asked for a
note taken after clocking out.

     I for instance document my working hours this way and have
     2072 such notes sitting below their corresponding clock
     I have the task of maintaining some complex spreadsheets for
     the accounting department.  My employer want's to know how
     much time I spend on this task.  So I clock this working
     hours.  I want to be able to anser to the question why it
     took so long.
     OTHT there are notes regarding the work with these complex
     spreadsheets, e.g. "conditional colouring of cells may lead
     to performance problem when thousands of conditionally
     coloured cells are in use".  This is a note which belongs to
     the Spreadsheets and is not only true for the time interval
     indicated by a clock line.
It would be great when notes taken when clocking out would come
next to their respective clock lines.

Thanks for your attention, Gregor
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