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Re: [O] Require feedback on an idea: move to a central server all my org

From: Loris Bennett
Subject: Re: [O] Require feedback on an idea: move to a central server all my org file and edit from there?
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2016 15:51:03 +0100
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Eric Abrahamsen <address@hidden> writes:

[snip: stuff about syncthing (22 lines)]

>>>> If you are going to run a home server, would ownCloud be an option?
>>> I tried to put that on an Ubuntu server I've got hosted somewhere, and
>>> gosh did it try to install a lot of stuff. Nor would it start up after
>>> it was installed! It felt like a whole lot of bulk.
>> I have ownCloud running on a decidedly unsuitable wheezy old netbook
>> (Eee PC 1000HA) under Ubuntu 15.10.  The only thing I particularly
>> remember about the installation was having to fiddle around with
>> self-signed SSL certificates.
>> I mainly sync the calendars between phone and my main laptop, plus a
>> small number of small files which I don't have in Git.  I just switch on
>> the laptop when I think something needs syncing.  I backup the ownCloud
>> directory on the nettop to a USB drive attached to the router using the
>> standard Ubuntu backup program (duplicity, I think).  I actually think
>> that only having to backup a single machine is one of the main
>> advantages of ownCloud.
>>> On the other hand, I've set up git repositories on that server (I don't
>>> put Syncthing there because I'm syncing many, many gigabytes of data),
>>> and a caldav thing with Radicale, and some HTML pages... Perhaps at some
>>> point will make sense to just install an omnibus package like
>>> OwnCloud.
>> YMMV depending on what exactly you need to sync, but it works for me,
>> although I should probably move it to something like a Rasperry Pi,
>> which I could leave on.
> It seems like if you're still having to boot a machine on purpose when
> you need the service, then that's the main obstacle! There are many,
> many services that are only practically useful when they're always on.
> Is your router+USB drive not always on?

You are right of course, but although I do occasionally boot it just to
sync, in fact the nettop lies around in the living room or kitchen and
is often on anyway.  The router with the USB drive is indeed always on
but it is also the DSL modem, so even if there were an open firmware
available for it, I would be rather wary of tinkering with it for fear
of bricking it and thus "breaking the internet" and incurring the wrath
of my family (they almost certainly wouldn't grant me enough of a
maintenance window to try anyway).  So I think a Pi is probably the way
to go.



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