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Re: [O] Require feedback on an idea: move to a central server all my org

From: Eric Brown
Subject: Re: [O] Require feedback on an idea: move to a central server all my org file and edit from there?
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2016 21:14:51 -0600
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Xebar Saram <address@hidden> writes:

Hi all

Was wondering about input regarding having all my orgmode files on a remote
server and editing from there?
I keep syncing (via git,unison etc) all my org files all the time between 4 machines and i just had enough :) im not (and probably never will be) disciplined enough to properly save and close all my 100's of buffer before i leave each machine each time and im always faced with conflict/merging hell..

I was thinking of putting all my org file in one of these cloud servers and access the files directly and edit them there from any machine..is that a silly though?

i dont have any real privacy concerns in my files (i use another system for sensitive
info) so that shouldn't be a concern

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts, and if they have a magic git/unison
solution for idiots like me id also welcome that ;-)

thx alot in advance


Hi Xebar,

I think I've tried all the options, and I have found that a centralized system is best for me. I'm really tired of the syncing--I spend way too much time obssessing over the perfect system. Others have pointed out
Dropbox -- this might work but is not FLOSS and costs $.

If you put it in the cloud, it costs $ and you lose control.  See
Richard Stallman's missives on the topic. A cloud system large enough to
hold all your digital assets could be very very expensive.

Personally, I have settled on one laptop, and a quick pluggable
monitor/keyboard for places that I do a lot of computing, e.g. home and
work.  I also carry an ergonomic keyboard in my backpack.

My desktop machine stays home, of course, and every "3 months" or so I transfer old projects off. The machine is always available over cable modem, with a service like DynDNS running so that I can ssh back in at
my leisure.  (I don't need these 8 TB with me at all times.)


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