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Re: [O] Org-mode via ELPA and via git in parallel

From: Alan Schmitt
Subject: Re: [O] Org-mode via ELPA and via git in parallel
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2016 12:05:29 +0100
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On 2016-01-28 12:33, Karl Voit <address@hidden> writes:

>> I’ve had issues with this in the past (I also use org for git). To
>> make sure org is never installed with elpa, I manually install
>> (`package-install-file') this org.el file:
>> #+begin_src emacs-lisp
>> ;;; org.el --- Dummy org mode package
>> ;; Copyright (C) 2014 Alan Schmitt
>> ;; Version: 30000101
>> ()
>> ;;; org.el ends here
>> #+end_src
> There is no "(provide 'org)" or so?

I have not found it necessary. I make sure I load org before
initializing packages, and everything works.


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