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Re: [O] scheme SRC blocks

From: Bernhard Pröll
Subject: Re: [O] scheme SRC blocks
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2016 09:05:06 +0100
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On Mon, 21. Mar 23:55, Arun Isaac wrote:

In addition to requiring 'geiser-install you have to set the
geiser-active-implementations variable, e.g.:

Customizing the geiser-active-implementations variable works for
me. Thank you.

alternatively there is a :scheme header argument for src blocks:

#begin_src scheme :scheme guile

Unfortunately, this doesn't work for me. Is this header argument
documented somewhere in the manual?

This approach seems more self-contained to the org file, and it'll be
good to have this, in case I want to send my org file to someone else,
or if I decide to try out more scheme implementations.


the org-babel-execute:scheme function looks for a :scheme header argument 
(otherwise uses the geiser-default-implementation). This may depend on your org 
version, mine is 8.3beta. The argument is listed in the org babel reference 



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